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What You’ll Get During This Free Seminar on Wealth Creation:

The Game of Life: Selecting the Right Investments

As we enter the working society and the advancement of technology, we are constantly exposed to different investment avenues and promises that returns are guaranteed.

BUT, is that always true?

This is a talk to introduce the various assets classes that you, a young adult, can tap on to create a not only comfortable investment portfolio, but also to find out what are the difference between class to class.

In this 1 one-hour discussion we will answer the myriad of “how” and “why and why not” on these asset classes.

At the end of this discussion you will walk away adequate knowledge on how to create a portfolio that not only will be able to achieve your goals, but also do not cost you an arm and a leg and probably a heart attack.

Playing my Cards Right: Art of Credit Cards and Large Purchases

Not keeping up to date on best deals and maximising bank returns? Still holding on to savings accounts donkey years ago?

As we move towards a time of cashback and multiplied interest, it is hard to find the right bank accounts and credit cards for us to sign up.​

In this seminar we explore the different bank accounts that will maximise the interest that you can earn with your money and which cards suit your lifestyle.

To maximise your miles and cashback on your cards we also invited an esteemed guest to talk about the common misconceptions and purchasing one of your biggest assets, A home.​

Whether you are starting your family or considering of upgrading your comfort level of the family we got you covered.

You will be equipped with knowledge explained by professionals and opinions that perhaps will let you think twice on putting your signature down for a door gift at the entrance of the train station.

What ​will be covered​

  • Investment Vehicles
    • What are they?
    • Why invest in them?
    • Why don't you invest in some of them?
  • Setting up a proper portfolio of assets
    • Using different Investment Vehicles to achieve your goals
    • How to achieve your financial needs
  • Q&A
    • Ask your best (and worst) questions here!

What You can do before the seminar

Sign up with us by clicking the button at the top of the page, or HERE, or at the bottom.

You don't need anything special - just come hear us out. It's free!

What Happens During the Seminar

You'll hear a whole bunch of stuff - some of which you may know, and some new information.

Mostly, you'll be better educated about the products in the insurance world.

What About After?

After the seminar, you can go ahead and ask us any questions you have.

We don't want to sell you, but we hope that you'll use this opportunity to create wealth for yourself, and for your future endeavours.

About your Hosts

Brandon Foo

Having about 3 years of experience in this industry, Brandon does not consider himself young in this industry but considers himself young at heart instead.


Being a young individual himself, he prides himself on understanding the common struggles and issues that young individuals face when coming out into the workforce and managing their own finances for the very first time.

 With a passion in investments, he strives to help individuals find the best way to stretch their dollar and spend less for more.

Aw Boon Sheng

Preparing for raining days is a privilege.

Planning is like drawing a blueprint to your goals.

Investment can be easy, follows method which suits your style

Keen to explore in methodology / ideas to polish my knowledge and skill set.

Being the planner of my house, creative ideas are always needed.

We will seek out what really works best for you because we do unto you as we want done unto us.

Jasper Chua

Having joined the industry since university graduation. Jasper specialises in empowering young adults in financial knowledge.

providing advice on cashflow management, and portfolio planning for the many milestones they are going to face after stepping into the working life.

Dedicated in making sure client not only benefit as an individual, Jasper ensures that families understand what they have and enhances their entire financial experience.

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Property Agent

A dedicated financial planner who goes the extra mile for his clients. Not only did Jasper evaluated all my policies and advise me accordingly, I am most satisfied with Jasper's professional attitude and honesty. Very trustworthy and highly recommended!

Carvin sng

Facility Technician

I have been staying with Brandon for almost 3 to 4 years, service that he provide is great, he always go the extra mile to provide what client want. Cheerful and knowledgeable.
Whenever i do any investment, i always SEEK for his advice, investments always go up and down during certain term, when during down term he will alway advise well and encourage his client.
I am feel great and honoured to have him around for my financial needs

james Ho


Brandon has helped teach me a lot about investments and really took his time to make sure I am invested in the right things.


Safety Officer

Known Brandon for 3 years now. From stranger to buddies over the years. Very understanding towards my needs. Loves to share his knowledge whenever possible. Looking forward to work with him for many more years.

charmaine chia

Account Admin

Thank you very much Wensheng for the great help in my financial planning. During our discussions, you have demonstrated honesty, patience and the knowledge you have in this area. You have been of great help in highlighting to me what i have overlooked and most importantly how to grow my finance. Thank you once again, I have found a reliable financial planner👍good job!

Peter Koh

Software Developer

Jasper is a great financial planner who represents the minority of agents in Singapore: thorough, caring, and willing to step beyond the 'baseline' practices, and goes out of his way to  recommend the correct, proper policies, and not shy away from not recommending those he thinks do no fit what you want.

If there's any agent to go for, go to Jasper. You won't be disappointed.

Weiliat ng

Research Engineer

I know Jasper Chua personally and he is one I trust dearly. There are many qualities of him that makes him a true friend, a reliable family member, and a wise advisor. He has strong virtues in which he stays true to himself and most importantly people he interacts with. His genuine intentions to help and assist people he interacts with is one of the reasons why I recommend him a lot, and you can trust he will give you the best options and solutions while putting himself in your shoes. This is a quality that shines and prevails through the darkest times.

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